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Personal Training is the heart and soul of our business.

At MyPTstudio, we’ve assembled the best exercise and nutrition experts from across the industry, all at hand to educate, motivate and inspire you towards better health.

Our stringent recruitment process and training programme ensures that each and every PT is a leader in their field and fits in line with our scientific, research-driven approach to training.

Find out how following an individually tailored exercise and nutrition programme can empower you to make the long-lasting results you are looking for.

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What our clients say...

  • mid ryan jo"Although I achieved much improved fitness on my own, I felt like I needed a push, and wanted to see for myself what pt could change about my fitness. There was no doubt in my mind that Ryan would be the man to help; his positivity is infectious, and his enthusiasm is clear.

    PT with Ryan has been so rewarding. He's always on hand to support with diet planning, changes workouts every time, and knows how to help me achieve goals. Ryan knows how to push me, but remains supportive and encouraging when I don't enter sessions at my best."

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