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Dean Rahaman

Personal Trainer

Having been 'the fat kid' I can fully empathise with how it feels to be out of shape, have no energy or enthusiasm to do anything. There is hope, I turned my life around and I know I can help you succeed too.

Over the last 10 years I've studied and applied with clients how best to improve flexibility and athletic performance. The majority of my work has focused on helping people lose weight, fat and inches. I achieve this through balancing your hormones and speeding up your metabolism. This will help you sleep, burn fat while resting and have more energy. I'll guide you through eating the right things and prescribe the right exercise for your current state of health.

I'll provide you with all the knowledge, guidance and friendly support that you need. Helping you achieve your goals sooner than you thought possible.



Weight, inch and fat loss

Health and metabolic rehab

Lifestyle adjustment support strategies


 07815 704720

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What our clients say...

  • mid ryan jo"Although I achieved much improved fitness on my own, I felt like I needed a push, and wanted to see for myself what pt could change about my fitness. There was no doubt in my mind that Ryan would be the man to help; his positivity is infectious, and his enthusiasm is clear.

    PT with Ryan has been so rewarding. He's always on hand to support with diet planning, changes workouts every time, and knows how to help me achieve goals. Ryan knows how to push me, but remains supportive and encouraging when I don't enter sessions at my best."

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